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The LeoAir® Alarm Holder is 3 part thermoform lamination with "Vaccuairx" technology, light weight and compact on the duty belt. Designed for CDCR and other corrections agencies for quickest access during an emergency.The “Directional Snap Closure” secures the alarm box holder to a Sam Browne Belt. The top flap closure is available in Nickel, Black, Brass, and Velcro.with a hook and loop closure. this holder conveniently fits both 2 in. (50 mm) and 2.25 in. (58 mm) duty belts.

Alarm Holder LeoAir®

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Fits the CDCR alarm 
    • Front cutout for quickest alarm access
    • Wide strap for added stability and secure attachment
    • Light weight and compact on the duty belt
    • Hook and loop closure to help protect gloves
    • Integrated Velcro hook  on the pouch to facilitates precise weight distribution across the duty belts, enhancing overall system stability
    • Faux leather( basket weave or plain finish),or  Ballistic weave exterior with nylon pack cloth lining
    • LeoAir  is made with 3 part thermoform lamination with "Vaccuairx" technology
    • Dynamic weave textile complied with Thermoplastic to form sturdy body
    • Slides on to duty belts 2" (50mm) – 2.25" (58mm) belt widths
    • Made in USA
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