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The LeoAir® Double Magazine Pouch incorporates cutting-edge technology, featuring a three-part thermoform lamination enhanced with "Vaccuairx" technology. This innovative design, known for its lightweight and compact characteristics, is meticulously crafted with a contoured, leather-like finish. Purposefully engineered to accommodate two magazines on a 2.25" (58mm) duty belt, this pouch boasts both vertical and horizontal belt slots, offering versatility for either a vertical or low-profile horizontal position.


Magazine Sizing 

Size 1

All Single Stack .45acp magazines. 



Glock 43x/48 10rd 9mm

SIG P365 17rd 9mm

SIG P320 17rd 9mm

SIG P226 15rd 9mm

SIG P229 15rd 9mm

SIG SP2022 17rd 9mm

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 17/15rd 9mm - .40 S&W

Smith & Wesson Shield Plus 13rd 9mm

H&K VP9 17/15rd 9mm

FNH 509 17rd 9mm

CZ P-01 15rd 9mm

CZ P-10C 15rd 9mm

Walther PDP 15rd 9mm



Glock 43X/48 Shield Arms 20rd 9mm

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 21rd 9mm

SIG P320 21rd 9mm

SIG P226 20rd 9mm

H&K VP9 20rd 9mm

FNH 509 24rd 9mm

CZ P-01 17rd 9mm

CZ P-10C 18rd 9mm

Walther PDP 18rd 9mm


Size 3

Glock 19/17 15/17rd 9mm

Glock 22

Glock 21

Glock 41

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 10mm/.45acp

USP 15rd 9mm

USP 12rd .40 S&W



Glock 19x

USP 20rd 9mm

USP 17rd .45acp



All Double Stack .45acp magazines. 

Double Magazine Pouch LeoAir®

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Vertical/horizontal belt slots cater to regular/low-profile positioning.
    • The span between pouches, coupled with a low cut, facilitates a quick and seamless draw.
    • LeoAir is constructed with a 3-part thermoform lamination featuring "Vaccuairx" technology.
    • The incorporation of dynamic weave textile combined with thermoplastic results in a sturdy body.
    • Easily slides onto duty belts with 2" (50mm) – 2.25" (58mm) belt widths.
    • Recognized as the lightest weighing duty gear in its class.
    • Made in USA
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