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Lightest weighing Duty belt in the world Made in USA, the LeoAir® duty belt is 3 part thermoform lamination with "Vaccuairx" technology with dynamic weave to give it an exceptionally strong substructure. You have to feel it to believe it – it’s more than 30% lighter than most competitors. The Ergonomic design, light weight and exceptionally professional look makes it the only belt you will ever want to wear. It features a hook lining for use with the LeoAir Liner Belt. 1.5" (58mm) belt width. With Sam Brown Belt Buckle.  

Sam Browne Belt 2.25" LeoAir®

Excluding Sales Tax
    • LeoAir Belt is made with 3 part thermoform lamination with "Vaccuairx" technology
    • Dynamic weave textile complied with Thermoplastic to form sturdy body.
    • Faux enviro-friendly leather look  with hook lining ?can be used with LeoAir Liner belt (Not included)
    • Sam Brown Belt buckle .
    • 2.25" wide Lightest Sam Brown belt buckle in the world.
    • Made in USA
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