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The basic riot shield provides maximum protection with the least amount of weight. The Polycarbonate material used for the shield is shatter proof while defending the user against rocks, bottles and other thrown objects. Polycarbonate also provides a clear unobstructed view. The handle and adjustable arm strap are securely bolted to the riot shield. The handle provides a positive firm grip in any position.

Riot and Containment Shields

Excluding Sales Tax
  • • Tough-clear polycarbonate shield

    • Adjustable Velcro arm strap for easy adjustment

    • Shock absorbing foam pad protects users’ forearm

    • Dimensions Available:
    20” x 36”
    24” x 48”

    • Visibility up to 88% light transmission

    • Five-inch decals with white letters on black background
    (decal options: Corrections, Sheriff, Police and California Highway Patrol)

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