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The LeoAir® Single Handcuff case employs advanced technology, featuring a three-part thermoform lamination with "Vaccuairx" technology. This innovative design, characterized by its lightweight and compact nature, is crafted with a molded and contoured leather-like finish. Specifically tailored for standard chain cuffs, the Handcuff Case boasts a robust substructure inherent in all LeoAir products. Its design is optimized for 2.25" (58mm) duty belts and is offered with a choice of chrome, brass, or concealed snap closures.

Single Handcuff Case LeoAir®

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Fits Standard Chain Handcuff.
    • LeoAir  is made with 3 part thermoform lamination with "Vaccuairx" technology
    • Dynamic weave textile complied with Thermoplastic to form sturdy body
    • Slides on to duty belts 2" (50mm) – 2.25" (58mm) belt widths
    • Lightest weighing duty gear.
    • Made in USA
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