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The 1221 Series features a machined aluminum handle with a patented “rotating” bushing built into the base or bottom portion that is not obviously visible when the handle is assembled. The rotating bushing improves control along with increasing baton speed. The baton can be very effective even when wearing gloves. The “short end” of the baton is also used as a second handle. Rubber sleeves or grips may be added to improve the grip on the short end of the baton. The baton is made of a solid black acetate plastic material and the ends are rounded and smooth to prevent unnecessary injury. The handle is machined aluminum with a plastic rotating bushing. A standard hex Allen wrench is included if it becomes necessary to remove the handle for cleaning.

CAUTION: All plastic and wood batons are subject to breaking. The aluminum baton was developed to minimize that possibility. Consider your application, department policy and severity of usage with the options you have available. Please consult the factory if you have any questions.

Spin Handle - Polymer Side Handle Batons

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