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The LeoAir® Bucket Radio Holder  incorporates cutting-edge technology, featuring a three-part thermoform lamination enhanced with "Vaccuairx" technology. This innovative design, known for its lightweight and compact characteristics, is meticulously crafted with a contoured, leather-like finish. Purposefully engineered to accommodate most  hand-held radios and features an adjustable elastic security strap with snap closure. Designed to fit 2.25 in. (58 mm) wide duty belts.radios on a 2.25" (58mm) duty belt, this pouch a  offering versatility for either a vertical or low-profile horizontal position with a swivel attachement for easy use. 

Bucket Radio Holder With Swivel LeoAir®

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Fits Most Radio – Motorola APX 8000 SERIES , 6000 SERIES and similar body type.
    • Adjustable to fit a wide variety of radios
    • Adjustable bungee strap
    • Easy detachable Belt Swivel
    • 2.25" (58mm) belt loop
    • LeoAir is constructed with a 3-part thermoform lamination featuring "Vaccuairx" technology.
    • The incorporation of dynamic weave textile combined with thermoplastic results in a sturdy body.
    • Easily slides onto duty belts with 2" (50mm) – 2.25" (58mm) belt widths.

    Recognized as the lightest

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